Avro Keyboard Standard Edition 5.1.0

After born in the March 26, 2003 (The Independence Day of Bangladesh) Avro keyboard accumulating a brand new time Bangla registering. It’s adaptable, headliner-rich grand, thoroughly customizable and effortless to utilize and has a great deal of composing mechanization instruments that you never envisioned! Avro Keyboard Bangla Typing Software Simply the best, beats every last trace of the old records, clear the impediments, composes the story and make revamped conventions!

Why Avro is the best choose for you:

  • Advanced method of English to Bangla Phonetic typing.
  • Easy transliteration format
  • Balanced Window Preview
  • Over 150000 Bangla words Dictionary support with auto-correct feature.
  • Typing usual Keyboard Layout Based:
  • Bangla typing by Mouse Based
  • Forming Vowel Automatic
  • Language Support of Assamese
  • Spell checker in Bangla
  • Bangla Email

The destination of this task is to include all regular routines for composing Bangla, Bangladesh and India in a lone interface. The present form underpins English phonetic include Bangla uphold home business settings, rodent based Bangla sorting back for apprentices and experts to the conventional keyboard layout based Bangla sorting uphold. Keyboard layouts with the present form is included, – Probhat, Munir Optima, Avro simple (a basic to study keyboard layout OmicronLab) Bornona (the most effortless Bangla keyboard layout that have not yet discovered in “The Works security! “) and National (Jatiya) – Standard Keyboard layout of Bangladesh Bangla Bangladesh workstation Council (BCC) of the group. It would be ideal if you peruse underneath.

So my friend forget every problem of typing in Bangla just download Avro keyboard and enjoy.

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